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Gain control over your anger through counseling. Explore healthy ways to express and manage emotions, fostering emotional balance and improved well-being.

Here are some indications of anger issues and their potential symptoms...

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  • Frequent or intense feelings of irritability.
  • Explosive outbursts of anger
  • Physical aggression, such as hitting 
  • Difficulty controlling or managing anger.
  • Chronic resentment or holding grudges.
  • Verbal aggression, like shouting/ yelling
  • Isolation from social interactions.
  • Physical symptoms like headaches

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Are you constantly burdened by persistent fatigue?

Begin your journey by taking our all-encompassing assessment test, and receive an immediate report offering valuable insights into your overall well-being, encompassing both physical and emotional aspects.

Feeling unsure about the type of care needed

To initiate your mental health journey, it is crucial to identify the most appropriate treatment for anger. Connect with our mental health coaches, who specialize in offering personalized recommendations designed to cater to your unique needs and circumstances.


How it works?

At the core of our approach is a commitment to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. We prioritize a straightforward and transparent approach, enabling individuals to feel relaxed and at ease as they begin their therapy journey with us.



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Dedicated Counseling

Experience the convenience of connecting with a dedicated professional who genuinely cares about your well-being and personal growth. Engage in live, one-on-one interactions that prioritize your needs and provide the support you deserve.


Sustain your progress with beneficial reminders for therapy sessions, mental health exercises, sleep routines, assessments, and various other supportive elements. These resources are thoughtfully designed to enhance your overall well-being and provide ongoing support for your journey.

Self care

Unlock a treasure trove of resources including courses, assessments, meditation sessions, yoga materials, podcasts, and much more. These valuable tools will enhance your journey of self-improvement, offering a wide range of options for personal growth and development.


Rest assured, your security and confidentiality are our utmost priorities. We guarantee that therapists have no access to your phone, email, or payment information, providing you with peace of mind and a trusted environment for your therapy sessions.

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We are trusted by people across the USA

"MantraCare's anger counseling has been life-changing for me. Their compassionate therapists helped me understand the root causes of my anger and provided practical tools to manage it effectively. I now experience greater emotional balance and healthier relationships. Highly recommend their professional and transformative services!"

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Your questions about Anger, answered

No, anger counseling is suitable for individuals experiencing anger-related challenges, regardless of a formal diagnosis.

Yes, anger counseling addresses aggressive behavior by exploring underlying causes, teaching self-control techniques, and promoting healthy expression of anger.

Yes, anger counseling can be tailored to meet the needs of children and teenagers, teaching anger management skills and fostering healthy emotional expression.

Yes, anger counseling sessions are confidential. Therapists prioritize privacy and create a safe space for open discussions.

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