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Recognizing Signs of Low Self-Esteem: Identifying Indicators . . .

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  • Persistent self-doubt & negative self-talk
  • Constant comparison to others 
  • Fear of failure 
  • Seeking approval & validation from others
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Avoidance of social interactions
  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of self-care

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Does a constant fear of being judged or criticized hinder your ability to express yourself authentically?

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Navigating uncertainty in seeking appropriate care

To begin your path towards better mental health, it’s vital to pinpoint the most suitable approach for managing self esteem issues. Reach out to our mental health coaches who specialize in providing personalized suggestions tailored to your individual requirements and situation.


How it works?

Central to our approach is our dedication to establishing a cozy and inviting atmosphere. We prioritize a direct and open method, ensuring that individuals feel comfortable and at peace as they embark on their therapeutic journey with us.


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Maintain your progress with helpful reminders for therapy sessions, mental health exercises, sleep routines, assessments, and a range of other supportive elements.

Self care

Open the doors to a wealth of resources, encompassing courses, assessments, meditation sessions, yoga materials, podcasts, and an abundance of other valuable content. 


We assure that therapists do not have access to your phone, email, or payment information, ensuring your peace of mind and establishing a trusted environment for your therapy sessions.

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"MantraCare's self-esteem counseling has been a transformative experience for me. Their compassionate and skilled counselors helped me rediscover my self-worth and build a positive self-image. I am grateful for their guidance, support, and the empowering tools they provided. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a boost in self-esteem."

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Your questions about Self Esteem, answered

Self-esteem counseling can help you identify negative self-beliefs, develop self-compassion, build resilience, and improve your overall self-image, leading to greater confidence and a healthier sense of self-worth.

The duration of self-esteem counseling varies based on individual needs and progress. It can range from a few sessions to several months, depending on the complexity of the issues.

Self-esteem counseling provides tools and support to address self-esteem issues, but individual effort and commitment are crucial for long-lasting changes. It’s a collaborative process between you and your counselor.

A skilled self-esteem counselor understands the sensitivity of the topic and creates a safe and non-judgmental space. They will guide you at a pace that feels comfortable for you, allowing you to gradually open up.

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